These 10 stocks are always “buy” in any market correction

Stock market can be rewarding if you choose right stocks at right time. At the same time it can also wipe your principal if you invest without through research. Most of us invest on advice of  friend, Tv expert or some free sms tip send in bulk without much research and lose money.

We have complied  list of 10 high quality super safe stocks which one should consider buying at every dip. The portfolio has generated decent and stable returns year after year with limited downside risk. All the stocks have rock solid fundamentals and do not need periodic review and are ideal for long term. This portfolio is ideal for those who

1.   Wish to make a decent return in stock market without taking undue risk.

2.   Do not have time or expertise to do their own research.

3.   Get trapped with some questionable SMS tip service.

4.   Do not want to track markets periodically.

Below is our list.

1.   Eicher motor

2.   HDFC bank

3.   Yes Bank

4.   Maruti Suzuki

5.   Diwan housing finance ltd.

6.   Power grid

7.   HCL technologies

8.   Thyrocare technologies

9.      Vedanta

10.    Aurobindo pharma

11.  Bhansali  Engineering

We have selected these stocks on the basis of their fundamentals, market dominance, growth potential and consistency in growth over the years. Once invested you don’t need to worry about anything. Consistency of performance over long term and ability to repeat the same in future  is the most important factor considered while picking. Most of these are not multibagger stocks but you can expect your portfolio to beat any equity diversified mutual fund in long run by handsome margin.

The best way to invest in them is to wait of market correction. Whenever market falls by 4%+ you should invest part of your money if you can’t then SIP is next best method. Please note to consult your financial advisor before investing.

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