Performance of our multibagger recommendations – mid-term check

We had recommended some multibagger stocks on 5th Jan, 4th April and 6th May 2016 with a time horizon of 2 year for long term wealth creation. Please check our posts in multibagger stocks section on these dates. We will now analyze their mid-term performance as there is still quite some time for even our first set of recommendation to reach 1-year time horizon.

The criteria used for selection was quality of business, valuation, growth prospects and industry moat. We have not included safe stocks as they are primarily for dividend income and downside protection rather than multibagger returns. We have also not included our high momentum stocks in this section as they are NOT for long term (45-60 days of time horizon only) and are selected using  artificial intelligence techniques with focus on 20%+ returns in 2 months  in  rather than pure value investing principals which is applied for these multibagger picks  . We will have separate performance report on them.

So let’s find out how our multibagger picks are doing

script name Rec price rec date Horizon CMP as on 2nd June 17 % return
Vakrangee 178 5-Jan-16 2 years 389.85 119.02%
Jay Bharat Maruti 176 5-Jan-16 2 years 578.45 228.66%
Talwalkars Fitness 267 5-Jan-16 2 years 291.05 9.01%
Vinati organics 464 5-Jan-16 2 years 904.95 95.03%
Kitex garments 708 5-Jan-16 2 years 381.1 -46.17%
Ipca Labs 732 5-Jan-16 2 years 511.95 -30.06%
India bulls housing 723 5-Jan-16 2 years 1140 57.68%
Chembond Chemicals Ltd. 214 4-Apr-16 2 years 216.8 1.31%
Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. 424 4-Apr-16 2 years 693.2 63.49%
Bajaj Corp 383 4-Apr-16 2 years 370 -3.39%
Avanti feeds 456 6-May-16 2 years 1408 208.77%
Amara Raja Battery 926 6-May-16 2 years 869 -6.16%

This report is as on 2nd  june 2017. If you wish to calculate the returns for future date please do consider stock split.

Form the chart it is clear that out of 12 stocks recommended only 4 have given negative returns till now rest 8 have given positive returns. Total overall return on portfolio as of now is 59%. Those who invested in these stocks should hold it till the investment horizon of 1 year is reached and do not forget to consult your investment advisor. We expect overall return to be over 100% once the stocks reach their investment horizon of 2 year.

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