Making money in falling market without shorting.

Make no mistake markets are not correcting but are in bear phase. The kind of fall witnessed is phenomenal in such a small time. However, this will not stop us from making money. Our crash protector turned green on 10th of October 2108 with market opening itself after continuous red from 4th September 2018 onwards.

This was the longest period for which the indicator has remained red since we have back tested it from Jan 2010. As soon as the indicator turned green we invested our latest recommended stocks of AInvest. The indicator remained green till 17th of October 2.30 PM after which it turned red again and portfolio was sold out.  Considering current bear market the current cycle lasted for 5 trading days  only however it  enough for us generate a return of 9% Plus. today at the time of writing this article stock market are down and all index are in deep red. However, since the portfolio was sold on 17th of October itself we are safe. let’s have a look at the performance report.

So we made 9% returns in just 5 trading days of cycle. 8 out of our 9 recommended stocks gave positive returns and 5 gave 10%+ returns. No matter how bear the market is, it will always have smaller pull back rallies as market never move unidirectionally. We will continue to fallow this algorithm and will reinvest in the market the moment our crash protector  indicator turns green.


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