This portfolio is market crash proof.

Our markets witnessed sharp correction in February and march 2018. This was not a crash but a correction and the long-term trend still remains bullish. However, for many of us this was enough to create panic and take wrong decisions. Some of us sold our mutual fund holdings or stopped SIP. So now when the markets are recovering and we are witnessing a pullback rally those who sold or stopped SIP for MFs are now regretting.

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Performance of our multibagger recommendations – mid-term check

We had recommended some multibagger stocks on 5th Jan, 4th April and 6th May 2016 with a time horizon of 2 year for long term wealth creation. Please check our posts in multibagger stocks section on these dates. We will now analyze their mid-term performance as there is still quite some time for even our first set of recommendation to reach 1-year time horizon.

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How much you should earn to achieve financial freedom – Much less than you think!

We all look for job security. Unfortunately it does not exists at least in private sector. So why not look for financial security or freedom instead. After all we all work for money.

So what financial freedom really means? Does this means having tonnes of money

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Are you “fixed deposit only” type investor

When it comes to investing fixed deposits come naturally to 90% of Indians. After we all love to have 8-9% of guaranteed returns without worrying about market fluctuations. Unfortunately this does not leads to wealth creation.It has not even been able to beat inflation. If we check inflation adjusted returns of fixed deposits post tax, it will be negative.

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Seven must avoid financial products

These are 10 financial products which we must avoid. They don’t serve us but serve the financial company and agents who is selling them. Unfortunately many of these products you might be already having in your portfolio without being aware. Reason is most of them are sold very aggressively thru agents or so called “financial advisors” on high commission. Let me decode them for you.

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