Yet another blockbuster performance.

Our AInvest portfolio has done it again. This time it’s bigger in terms of absolute returns. This once again validates the effectiveness of our two algorithm. On 4th Oct 2017 based on our crash protector algorithm which turned green we ran our new AInvest cycle. As always, we identified 10 stocks likely to outperform the market in next 45 days. Our artificial intelligence based algorithm has been designed in way to make sure that this portfolio generates 20% or above returns and the probability of this happening is 77%. Even if it fails to achieve the target it still has extremely high chance of giving a  high return because say 15% return is very good for this period but will be considered failure as per our algorithm since it is less than 20%.

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Two mutual funds to buy in falling market.

You surfed to a popular finance portal. Identified some top rated mutual funds with highest returns. Invested your money and thought you will be rich. Well you must have gone for a rude shock if you are checking your portfolio these days. Markets are falling daily and worse still your portfolio is falling more than market. So things are in deep red and your anxiety level is high.

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Everything you wanted to know about our Artificial intelligence backed investment

These questions have been frequently asked in our product presentation seminars. We have tried to compile them into one article for your better understanding.

These are some of the areas where  most of the queries came from.

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Our latest Artificial intelligence portfolio beats sensex by 14 times in just 25 days.

We created AI enabled portfolio for our subscribers on 29th May 2017. We had to sell all the stocks today 23rd June 2017 10.30 AM  as our trend indicator (second algorithm) turned red today. It was trending towards red since yesterday but today’s crash was too much for it to handle. Infect sensex performed below per during entire 25 days which the portfolio was active.  Here are some salient points.

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Performance of our multibagger recommendations – mid-term check

We had recommended some multibagger stocks on 5th Jan, 4th April and 6th May 2016 with a time horizon of 2 year for long term wealth creation. Please check our posts in multibagger stocks section on these dates. We will now analyze their mid-term performance as there is still quite some time for even our first set of recommendation to reach 1-year time horizon.

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How much you should earn to achieve financial freedom – Much less than you think!

We all look for job security. Unfortunately it does not exists at least in private sector. So why not look for financial security or freedom instead. After all we all work for money.

So what financial freedom really means? Does this means having tonnes of money

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Are you “fixed deposit only” type investor

When it comes to investing fixed deposits come naturally to 90% of Indians. After we all love to have 8-9% of guaranteed returns without worrying about market fluctuations. Unfortunately this does not leads to wealth creation.It has not even been able to beat inflation. If we check inflation adjusted returns of fixed deposits post tax, it will be negative.

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Seven must avoid financial products

These are 10 financial products which we must avoid. They don’t serve us but serve the financial company and agents who is selling them. Unfortunately many of these products you might be already having in your portfolio without being aware. Reason is most of them are sold very aggressively thru agents or so called “financial advisors” on high commission. Let me decode them for you.

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