Performance review of our portfolio released on 1st July 2018

Markets are making new highs but my portfolio is going down. This is the single most heard sentence in 2018 whenever we analyze stock market performance. Reason is mid cap and small cap which constitute 80% of stock universe is going down n down (yes, it’s slowdown for broader markets) and large Caps??

Well this is more surprising!!

Even 60% of large caps are also going down. This is called index management done by DIIs. More about index management in my next post but in this strange situation it’s a challenge to keep your money safe. Not only safe but also to let it grow at rapid pace. We made some adjustment in our AInvest algorithm to make sure this requirement is achieved. Please refer to my post on 1st July 2018 where a list of stocks was released with an objective to keep the portfolio super safe and also generate good returns. Refer to my post for more details

Beat the market fall in July 2018 with this portfolio

We will review performance of our portfolio in this post.

So it is clear that we have achieved double the sensex returns with hardly any risk. The portfolio is designed to generate twice the sensex returns with ¼ of it’s risk on monthly basis. This looks almost achieved in 2 weeks only. Also the performance has been across the stocks and no stock has given negative return. This portfolio will be reviewed shortly as per biweekly review policy and changes will be made if required.

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