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Enabling investors reduce risk and maximize returns using artificial intelligence (AI).




Safe Returns

Designed for investors who prefer lesser volatility. Generates above market returns  whIle keeping the risk exposure minimal. Selects stocks with maximum returns potential  within a defined maximum risk. Portfolio remains invested in bull and bear market and undergoes parodic review only.


Key parameters

Risk –  Low

Volatility – Low

Returns – Above average

Benchmark – Nifty 50

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Our expertise

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms pre trained with 10 years of relevant data, 48 parameters and back tested to identify top performing stocks for next 45 days.  Second algorithm identifies entry and exit points from the marker as per market movement.  This makes sure you create maximum wealth at minimum risk.

Technology – Python, Machine learning, Excel solver, Power BI

Data Analytics

Leveraging power of data analytics to supplement our wealth of experience in understanding the capital markets to get meaningful data insights.

Technology – Power BI, Python, Power Pivot.

Capital markets

Over 13 years of experience in capital markets, fundamental analysis, value investing, Risk analysis and wealth creation. This enabled us  select right parameters (features) to develop algorithm for stock price prediction and entry- exit levels. We understand market movement and have analyzed several bull and bear phases.

Products have been developed by- Ashish Shekhar, BE and MBA (MDI, Gurgaon), ex Microsoft data scientist and investment expert (SEBI registered) with over 10+ years of experience in capital markets.

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